Power of Forgiveness

Jan 31, 2012

Jermaine and Murph prior to event

Last Friday night, “The Power of Forgiveness” was held at my church. The flyer said it would be an unforgettable event and it surpassed that for me. I have to start by saying that this whole idea started on 9/11/11. We watched a video at church about a young man who died in the World Trade Centers and I became emotional and left. I get that way when I think about other mothers losing their sons. Dave Murphy Jr. saw me bolt out the door and he followed a few minutes later, finding me weeping in my car.

Dave was one of several young men that came to know Christ shortly after Spence died. He and a few others let me mother them, cook for them and I’m sure at times even correct them and there is a closeness we have that just comes from walking a road that has seen the worst and best of times. My tears dried and we began to talk about Spence and how it was coming up on ten years since he died and Dave said, “Let’s do something to celebrate all God has done!” It cheered me up but later I thought maybe he said that just to make me happy. Yet a seed was planted and the vision grew.

He laughs at himself and calls himself a “control freak” because he has a standard of excellence and knows the way he wants things done. He admits at times he goes a little over the top. But the spirit of excellence was so evident last week during this event. And most importantly, God showed up and stayed the whole time, drawing people together from every element and walk of life on Cape Cod and from local churches in Tiverton and Providence.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at old headlines announcing Spencer’s murder without feeling my heart jump. I’ve told my story dozens of times yet I still find my voice changing, my heart racing as I recall that night in the ER. But as I looked out over the fellowship hall and saw all the faces of people I’ve come to know and love within the confines of the most painful ten years of my life, I can do nothing but praise an ever- loving and merciful Father in heaven, whose power to heal, to redeem and transform is boundless.

I couldn’t sleep that night, although exhausted and spent. Jermaine told me he couldn’t either and then I talked to Dasia, Murph’s wife and she laughed and said he didn’t either. The wonder of God does that. A month ago, when I asked Murph what I could do to help, he just looked at me and said “Nothing. I just want you to be blessed.” Well done, Dave, well done.

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