The Story

Yet, as the Grand Weaver works the threads of our lives into His deep and majestic tapestry,
I sense that there is so much more than what we see.
The Greater Weight of Glory

How did you survive?
How did you forgive?

On duty as an ER nurse in 2002, I identified my son, Spencer, minutes after he was pronounced dead. He was the unintended target of a murder. I’ve been asked these two questions multiple times over the last 20 years. Not only have I survived, but I’ve had the privilege of watching God bring forth incredible fruitfulness through Spencer’s life and death. If you knew my son, despite his failings, you knew that he had a heart for souls, that he was a man of prayer, specifically for those, like him, who were once without hope. He’d say,
“Who will pray for them if I don’t?”

I made two decisions at the beginning of this journey that would allow God to move in very powerful ways. The first was to forgive the men who murdered my son. My second decision was to trust God and let Him be my “all in all,” no matter how things looked or felt.
Forgiveness and faith. I did not realize then how much these two things touch God’s heart.
What I’ve witnessed of His glory and splendor is impossible to describe in a few paragraphs. That’s why I wrote the Book. The Story grew, and keeps spreading into the craziest places. It will change you because it’s who He is, not who I am. All we need is a willing heart – crushed, desperate, maybe down to your last breath, it’s enough. God is there. And you are here.
Say Yes, and open the door.
They who sow in tears shall reap with joyful singing. Psalm 126:5 AMP

“I suspect it is what I can’t see that means the most. How so many lives that were broken, just like Spencer’s and mine too, surrendered completely into the hands of a loving Savior, discovering joyfully that our lives are not our own. We are His. Jesus is not an attachment; He is our breath, our life and our song.”
The Greater Weight of Glory

2004 Old Town House Park
Yarmouth PD, Asst. DA’s Office, friends and family met to dedicate this stone and two benches to Spencer’s act of courage.
Spencer MacLeod: One Year Later
Spencer MacLeod Memorial Video

Power of Forgiveness – Ten Years Later
On January 27th, 2012 many gathered to remember Spence and celebrate the abundant harvest of souls and changed lives through Spencer’s testimony and the power of forgiveness.

Power of Forgiveness – Ten Years Later
The Power of Forgiveness: Interview

Annual Spencer Macleod Three Point Shoot Out
A basketball tournament next to Spencer’s memorial started out small in 2005 and continues every July since, growing into a well-attended event that draws many youth and a few “seasoned” ballers too .
The gospel is always presented with the Grand Prize!

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