“We couldn’t have asked for a better guest speaker than Robin. Her honesty and Spirit-filled words touched every one of us. She has such a beautiful way of speaking about our Lord and glorifying Him with every story she shares.”
Elsie G. May 2022

“It was important to us have a quality speaker and one that would bring us to the throne room of God.  Robin was both of those things and more!”
 Sharon H. Sept. ’23

I love to talk! My first-grade teacher would agree. But more than just speaking, I love to join others on their journey for truth and real answers that challenge and transform. Tired of out-of-context Bible verses and Christian cliches? Me too. Everything I say, I have lived, using God’s Word as a light along an often dark and unpredictable path. It works!

With over ten years of experience speaking in a variety of venues, from prisons to keynote conferences, youth camps to retreats, I know that God wants to encourage, motivate and move us into a deeper walk with Him, and to draw others from the darkness into His “marvelous light.” No matter the venue or your vision, I would love to join you to make it happen. Contact me and let’s talk!

Calendar of Events:

“Where I’ve been and where I’m going”

December 5th 2022 The 2nd Annual Homicide Survivors Event Hyannis, MA

March 5th, 2023 Cornerstone Church 656 Oxford CT

March 8th 2023 International Woman’s Day, 7 pm Great Awakenings, Hyannis MA

May 6th 2023 Lowell Bible Church, Lowell VT 

September 22-24 2023 “Walking in the Light” Women’s Retreat Craigville Retreat Center, Centerville, MA

October 7th 2023 @ 3PM, “The Power of Forgiveness,” the Queset House, 51 Main St. Easton MA

January 15 2024 6 PM First Baptist Church, “Soup Night” All women welcome! 305 Kingstown Rd. Narragansett, RI

March 8-10 2024 The Fellowship Women’s Retreat. Hotel 1620, Plymouth MA  

May 10 2024 The Worship Center, Hebron CT “The Power of Forgiveness” 7-8:30 PM

June 1, 2024: Lowell Bible Church Ladies Retreat, Lowell VT, Saturday, 9am-4pm. It’s free! Lunch is included.





Some Examples of Topics

These are just some of the topics I have used, but I can customize my message to fit your theme.

****Bring tissues for sad and happy tears!

The Power of Forgiveness

In 2016, Boston’s Chronicle aired a show about this speaker and author captioned, Mother Forgives Son’s Killers: An Unlikely Friendship. What is true forgiveness and why do we struggle with it? Learn what it really means, why it matters and how God makes it possible, no matter what the situation is.

Who- Me?

God always uses the unlikely to glorify His name. Moses couldn’t speak. David was a shrimp. Even Jesus – born in a barn and from the po-dunk town of Galilee. A Savior? That’s reassuring for you and me. God is looking at our hearts, not our profile or stats. And having a heart God can use is so simple, even a child can do it! Exploring this truth through personal testimony and God’s word will bring renewed hope and excitement as we move forward in God’s kingdom – vessels of honor for the Master’s use!

Fear To Freedom

We live in an age of fear and skepticism but God calls us up to a higher ground – to a place of freedom and wholeness. How do we get there from here? And how do we know that we can trust God to help us?

Running the Race - Finishing Well

Hebrews 12:1 declares,” And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,”
Discern what can hinder this race, and how God equips us to not only run and finish well, but find joy and purpose along the way.

Jesus Above All

Can Jesus really be our all in all? In a culture that offers a variety of quick fixes at our fingertips, where does the Christian stand? Through personal testimony and practical Biblical application, Robin shares how Jesus is above all – and all we need no matter what we are facing.

Addiction: A Worship Disorder

Our culture is saturated with a Worship Disorder. We idolize ourselves – and whatever feels good or makes us look good. Many of these behaviors lead to self-destructive and addictive bondages. But when we surrender our whole lives to Christ, He intends for us to be made whole in Him. Freedom, dignity and purpose become ours when we worship the One who is our only Deliverer and Redeemer.

Clean and sober for 35 years, Robin Farnsworth and her husband Calvin, run Higher Ground, a ministry for addicted and incarcerated men and women. She knows firsthand, that Jesus came to set the captive free!


It’s not as hard as it sounds when we align our will with God’s. Through personal testimony of addiction, loss and deep suffering, learn that even small faith pleases God and releases His power to restore, heal and redeem. We are not just survivors but through Christ, we overcome and thrive.

Sowing in Tears – Reaping in Joy

Walking by faith through the darkness is not easy, but God is faithful to direct our steps. When we wait upon the Lord, we will reap an abundant harvest, beyond anything we could ask or think. As Robin shares her testimony with candor and humor, she reveals the supernatural power of God that lies beneath the ashes of our circumstances, waiting to bring hope and glorious joy into our hearts again.

Hearing God

How do we hear God’s voice? Distraction abounds! Are our hearts turned towards Him or is the noise from the world and it’s seducing power drowning out the voice of our Lord? Faith comes by hearing, really hearing, and then obeying. And through obedience, we walk in the Spirit and in true freedom and liberty. With honesty and humor, Robin breaks it down into three easy steps.

More about Robin:

– Gave my whole crazy life to Jesus 36 years ago.
– Faithfully attending a non-denominational Christian church all 36 years.
– Pastor’s wife for six years, where I could be found behind a piano, making a mess with kids, writing plays, and leading women’s Bible studies.
– I still love doing women’s Bible studies, most recently for four years weekly in a local jail and in my backyard during Covid.
– Wrote a book five years ago, “The Greater Weight of Glory.” God has used it way beyond what I imagined. Of course.
– Married 26 years to my best friend Calvin, and he still loves me!
– Oh, and I’m a nurse for 33 years. Some people say that’s why I can be bossy. God’s still working on me!