The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

John 1:5

Dear friend,

Rescue. Redeem. Renew. This is who God is – I’m living proof. I don’t blame you for doubting. We are tired of overworked clichés, out-of-context Bible verses, and false hope. This is about real, gritty life – yours and mine and the God who is unfathomable love and deep mercy. Because we get lost. We wander, distracted and confused but the path is near, the way simple. Not easy but clear.
Maybe you need someone to point the way, some food for the journey, or maybe the road has gotten rough, and so dark you cannot see. Here is an oasis. Here is where the light shines and will always, always overcome the darkness. I know the way. His name is Jesus. Let me show you. Let me tell you a story or two. Here is Hope. I am living proof.
Take courage, friend, and look up.


The Story

God help me to know and to live like the time is short. Tomorrow is really not promised. To give you all today… Spencer Macleod

On January 26 2002 my life changed forever. My son Spencer Macleod was brought into the ER where I was working as a nurse, barely clinging to life from a stab wound to the heart.
He was pronounced dead fifteen minutes later.
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The Book

“The Greater Weight of Glory is a story of courage and human frailty. As the reader, I assumed I knew where Farnsworth’s journey would take me. I was wrong. ”


“Forgiveness to Robin is not just a word. She lives it
every minute of every day. I was honored to be able
to sit and listen to her testimony.”

Connie L. August 2019

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