One Holy Night

Dec 20, 2011

Cast, musicians and a few angels backstage

A tired religious leader who admits his faith has dimmed, a young radical who takes out his rage and bitterness towards his own circumstances on the ruling party, a defeated young couple blaming their poverty on a system they feel trapped in, a group of working class men questioning any hope of life offering something larger than their own bleak existence, a father and husband extolling the virtues of capitalism while advising his children to “make money and marry well” and to forget any hope of a God that could rescue them. Sound familiar? Yes, this could take place anywhere in America or elsewhere in the world today, but these characters are part of the play, “One Holy Night”, an original production at Victory Chapel. And the setting is actually Bethlehem on the night that Jesus Christ was born.

I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of this play and working alongside some very dedicated and fun brothers and sisters in Christ who really love God and hope the message of this play will reach many. There is an answer! “Let every heart prepare Him room”. The play runs one more night, Friday Dec. 23rd at Victory Chapel, 7 pm. It’s free. God’s gift of salvation runs for the rest of your life. And it’s free too.

*New location: 320 Kidds Hill Rd., Hyannis.